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The NCC Approved schemes are a new initiative for the industry and have received the full endorsement and approval of each respective NCC Strategic Panel. Following valuable pilot assessments, the NCC Approved Holiday Park Holiday Home Ownership Scheme has now been launched to the trade and the public and a number of members are now taking advantage of the many benefits that being NCC Approved provides.



The NCC is also explaining the Approval process and taking this message out to members through a variety of channels.



The Approval process at a glance:


The Approval Process


Once approved, the NCC monitors Code compliance on an on-going basis and continues to help businesses retain and promote their NCC Approved status.


Consumer benefits of buying from a Code of Practice scheme approved business

If you are dealing with an NCC Approved Holiday Park for Home Ownership you are safe in the knowledge that...

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NCC Dealership

Business benefits of becoming NCC Approved

Sets your business apart from your competitors and demonstrates you work to open, fair and honest business criteria set out by the NCC Industry Codes of Practice.

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